Welcome to Beechi Systems and Software Services

Beechi was a well-known humorist in the Kannada language. His real name was Rayasam Bheemasena Rao. He preferred to write his pen name bilingually as ಬೀchi. He was also known as Karnataka's George Bernard Shaw.

Beechi Systems and Software Services (Beechi Systems) is part of Beechi Publications committed to build and deliver quality software. The team consist of Software Developers, Project Managers, IT Security Experts, Team leaders, Senior Software Developers, UI Designers and Testers.

We build and deliver application based on Java, J2EE, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Android platform. We specialize in integration of opensource applications on Linux platform, Windows and Android platform.

Our expertise in the field of Information Technology, Security, and customizing solutions from existing opensource applications help us quickly deliver to your demands as per your requirement, While we deliver customized opensource solutions to your business we do take care of maintenance of the application during the maintenance period.

Our Opensource customization solutions include applications for Retail and Distribution Services, Online Training, Online tracking, Print Media, Integrating Support and Help-desk System, Human Resource Management Software, Call log and Ticketing Systems.

We help our customer to get the best returns on their investment by leveraging existing opensource software customization, performance tuning and deployment or by developing robust yet scalable application to suite the need of customers.

Beechi Systems and Software Services (Beechi Systems) is a part of Beechi Publications - Print/Publications/Media and Education domain for the last last 60 years.

You can write to us at reachus@beechisystems.com for further details on our services.